Action Study of Community-Based Aesthetic Education Course Design and Practice for Senior Citizens

Hsin Chang Tsai, Ruo Lan Liu*


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Aesthetic education is currently an educational issue receiving substantial attention, and to increase the accessibility of aesthetic education, working to implement aesthetic education programs should be for all age groups. The aesthetic education for senior citizens, providing the participants with positive aesthetic experiences not only increases sensory stimulation but also facilitates new connections to the world, are critical in maintenance of senior citizens’ physical and social functions. In the literature, few aesthetic education studies have targeted senior citizens, despite the increase in senior-activity-center-related projects and programs since 2015 in Taiwan. Most individuals who attend programs at senior activity centers are senior citizens from nearby communities. Systematic arrangement and planning of aesthetic courses at these centers may further community-based aesthetic education efforts. This study chose a Taipei City senior activity center for an action study exploring design approaches for aesthetic education community-based classes and activities for 25 senior citizens. The findings include understanding the initial experiences of senior citizens in collective art projects, adjustment of instruction method through reflection and conversation, senior citizens’ class participation and feedback enhanced aesthetic literacy and interpersonal interaction, future course improvement and enrichment. The researcher reviewed feasible approaches for promoting senior aesthetic education to provide useful information to community senior activity centers and their managers and senior aesthetic education promoters.

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期刊Systemic Practice and Action Research
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