Action Research to Enrich Learning in e-Tutoring for Remote Schools

Ruo Lan Liu, Yu Chi Li*


研究成果: 雜誌貢獻期刊論文同行評審

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Because students in remote areas face unequal learning opportunities, the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan commenced a benchmark program in 2006 known as the Online Tutoring for After-School Learning project. The present study conducted action research on the Online Tutoring project with a university and two elementary schools in remote areas as co-participants. The purpose of this research was to facilitate continual interactions between tutors and tutees and to improve the tutors’ skills in teaching, providing companionship to tutees, and solving problems encountered by tutees as well as to identify teaching-material improvements that had to be made. Data were gathered and analyzed through the whole process. Several problems were identified in the early stage of the tutoring project, after the problems were clarified according to the action research process, a discussion was conducted with the participants to formulate appropriate solutions for intervention and improvement. As revealed in reflection and evaluation, the Online Tutoring project was a mutually encouraging and mutual-growth experience for both the tutors and tutees. Substantial changes were noted in tutees’ learning motivation and perspectives. Through providing tutoring services, the tutors understood the process of distance teaching and improved their skills in digital teaching-material preparation and distance teaching. The results of this action research enhance the understanding of problems in education in remote areas and the effectiveness of online tutoring, thereby reinforcing the mutual learning and development of tutors and tutees. The academic achievements and learning attitudes of remote students have changed in positive ways and the tutors have improved their practice and social responsibilities in distance teaching.

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期刊Systemic Practice and Action Research
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