Absorption cross section in warped AdS 3 black hole revisited

Hsien Chung Kao, Wen Yu Wen

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We investigate the absorption cross section for minimal-coupled scalars in the warped AdS 3 black hole. According to our calculation, the cross section reduces to the horizon area in the low energy limit as usually expected in contrast to what was previously found. We also calculate the greybody factor and find that the effective temperatures for the two chiral CFT's are consistent with that derived from the quasinormal modes. Observing the conjectured warped AdS/CFT correspondence, we suspect that a specific sector of the CFT operators with the desired conformal dimension could be responsible for the peculiar thermal behaviour of the warped AdS 3 black hole.

期刊Journal of High Energy Physics
出版狀態已發佈 - 2009 十月 22

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