Absolute age evidence of Early to Middle Ordovician volcanism in Peninsular Malaysia

Long Xiang Quek*, Azman A. Ghani, Yu Ming Lai, Hao Yang Lee, Mokhtar Saidin, Muhammad Hatta Roselee, Muhammad Hafifi Badruldin, Meor H.Amir Hassan, Jasmi Hafiz Abdul Aziz, Tham Fatt Ng, Muhammad Afiq Muhammad Ali, Mohamad Tarmizi Mohamad Zulkifley


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Evidence of Early Palaeozoic volcanism in Peninsular Malaysia is largely represented by felsic Gerik- Dinding meta-volcanic rocks; however, reliable absolute ages for the meta-volcanic rocks are still lacking. This restricts correlation of these meta-volcanic rocks with other Early Palaeozoic East Gondwana Proto- Tethys margin tectonic elements identified in the evolution of Southeast Asia. Here, we report petrographic data and zircon U-Pb age of the Gerik-Dinding metavolcanic rocks. Zircons from three Gerik-Dinding meta-volcanic rock samples yield Early to Middle Ordovician weighted mean 206Pb/238U ages between 480 and 460 Ma. The formation age of the meta-volcanic rocks coincides with the post-collision stage from the final amalgamation of Asian micro-continental fragments with the East Gondwana Proto-Tethys margin. Tectonic processes such as lithospheric delamination during the post-collision period could have induced the hot asthenosphere to underplate the continental crust and trigger crustal anatexis. With these findings, the Early Palaeozoic tectonic history of Peninsular Malaysia needs careful review.

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期刊Current Science
出版狀態已發佈 - 2018 12月 25

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