Ab initio study of ion transfer in (H2CoHOCH2)+ and (H2COLiOCH2)+

Chih Hung Chu, Jia-Jen Ho

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The equilibrium geometry of (H2COHOCH2)+ is found to have a Cs structure. A double well potential and a 3.49 kcal/mol barrier are found on the study of energetics of proton transfer at a fixed equilibrium interoxygen distance. The equilibrium geometry of the lithium analogue, (H2COLiOCH2)+, is highly symmetric, D2h. There is no double well in the Li transfer potential until the two oxygen extremes are elongated 1.2 Å longer than its equilibrium length. The transition barrier turns out to be 1.72 kcal/mol when R(OO) increases to 4.84 Å. The discrepancies for the above trends between proton and lithium ion in formaldehyde dimer complex are further analyzed.

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期刊Chemical Physics Letters
出版狀態已發佈 - 1994 四月 29

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