A systematic review of workplace violence in nursing

Jin Lain Ming, Hui Mei Huang, Shiao Pei Hong, Li Hua Tseng, Mei Shu Huang, Su Hua Chiang, Chen Yin Tung*


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This systematic review evaluated the workplace violence in nursing. Thirty-seven studies that met the criteria were included, reviewed, and analyzed. The one-year prevalence rates of physical violence ranged from 6-74%, sexual harassment 33.7-34.9%, while nurses experienced non-physical violence including 15.2-97.6% verbal violence and 11.6-47.6% bullying behavior. Verbal violence is more common than physical violence. The later is commonly happened in emergency room or psychiatry department. The common perpetrators of these types of violence included the patients, family members, visitors and hospital staff. The nurses were apt to affected by these type of violence not only physically and psychologically, but also damaging the nursing profession and the whole hospital organization. Workplace violence victims have several coping strategies including physical mental support and promote self dignity. Unreported violence in nursing ranged from 40-80%, because violence victims believed that they were capable to handle and solve the problems or didn't trust the reported system. Based on these, the most priority are provide the mutual feedback and communication pathway, and In conclusion, various types of violence in nursing are prevalent. It is a great challenge to establish a safe and healthy nursing environment with zero tolerance of workplace violence. Nursing education deserves courses and strategies to enable nursing professionals in handling the workplace violence with confidence and to promote their professional contribution.

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期刊Taiwan Journal of Public Health
出版狀態已發佈 - 2016 4月

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