A survey of HIV sero-prevalence and condom use among women who injected heroin

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Objectives: The purpose of this article was to investigate the prevalence of HIV and intent to use condoms among women who injected heroin. Methods: A total of 301 incarcerated women with a history of heroin injection during the last six months before incarceration participated. All were at least 18 years of age and literate. They completed a survey that consisted of background information, HIV status, knowledge of the routes of HIV transmission, sexual behaviors, and the stage of intention to use condoms. Results: The prevalence of HIV was 34% and all but one participant knew that unprotected sex and sharing injecting equipment can transmit HIV. Results showed that 19.73% used condoms during the last intercourse and 52.67% of respondents' partners were injection drug users (IDUs). Most participants (54.4%) were currently in the action stage of condom use, while 11.3% were in the preparation stage, 19% were in the contemplation stage, and 15.3% were in the pre-contemplation stage. Results from chi-square tests indicated that HIV serostatus, age, an IDU partner, and condom use during the last sexual encounter were significantly different across the stages of condom use. Conclusions: The findings indicate that knowing positive status can help increase the motivation and intention to use condoms.

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