A simple mix design method for self-compacting concrete

Nan Su*, Kung Chung Hsu, His Wen Chai


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This paper proposes a new mix design method for self-compacting concrete (SCC). First, the amount of aggregates required is determined, and the paste of binders is then filled into the voids of aggregates to ensure that the concrete thus obtained has flowability, self-compacting ability and other desired SCC properties. The amount of aggregates, binders and mixing water, as well as type and dosage of superplasticizer (SP) to be used are the major factors influencing the properties of SCC. Slump flow, V-funnel, L-flow, U-box and compressive strength tests were carried out to examine the performance of SCC, and the results indicate that the proposed method could produce successfully SCC of high quality. Compared to the method developed by the Japanese Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (JRMCA), this method is simpler, easier for implementation and less time-consuming, requires a smaller amount of binders and saves cost.

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期刊Cement and Concrete Research
出版狀態已發佈 - 2001 12月

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