A reflection on digital library education from ICT-extended information services perspective

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This paper argues the legitimacy of current digital library related curriculum to support the ICT extended information services, such as online references, online library instruction, information literacy education, etc. In order to understand what has been taught in Digital Library related courses, it first collected and analyzed digital library related curriculum in LIS programs in Taiwan. In order to understand the current information services issues, it collected and analyzed the titles of 2002 and 2008 Off-campus information services conference proceedings. The research findings reveal that Digital Library courses are not required but selected in all programs. The content of which is between an introductory and architecture base. Skills and training for ICT extended information services are found not the focus of current Digital Library education. On the other hand, the off-campus conferences show a broad need and issues for information services, such as library instruction, information literacy education, and research literacy, etc. The findings suggest a discern review on future DL curriculum design to take into consideration of skills and training on ICT extended information services issues.

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期刊Journal of Educational Media and Library Science
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