A prism-free method for silhouette rendering in inverse displacement mapping

Ying Chieh Chen, Chun Fa Chang

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Silhouette is a key feature that distinguishes displacement mapping from normal mapping. However the silhouette rendering in the GPU implementation of displacement mapping (which is often called inversed displacement mapping) is tricky. Previous approaches rely mostly on construction of additional extruding prism-like geometry, which slows down the rendering significantly. In this paper, we proposed a method for solving the silhouette rendering problem in inverse displace mapping without using any extruding prism-like geometry. At each step of intersection finding, we continuously bends the viewing ray according to the current local tangent space associated with the surface. Thus, it allows mapping a displacement map onto an arbitrary curved surface with more accurate silhouette. While our method is simple, it offers surprisingly good results over Curved Relief Map (CRM) [OP05] in many difficult or degenerated cases.

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