A New TPACK Training Model for Tackling the Ongoing Challenges of COVID-19

Ping Han Cheng, José Molina, Mei Chun Lin, Hsiang Hu Liu, Chun Yen Chang*


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This study investigated the effects of integrating the “CloudClassRoom” (CCR) and the DEmo-CO-design/teach-feedback-DEbriefing (DECODE) model to improve pre-service teachers’ online technological pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK). The DECODE model includes four stages: Teacher’s DEmonstrations, Students CO-train in using CloudClassRoom, Students CO-design a CloudClassRoom-integrated course, Students CO-teach, and finally DE-brief what they have learned through the stages mentioned above. This model integrates teacher-student experiences, teaching-learning processes, and technology-embedded systems to promote collaborative and active learning, information and resources sharing, and creative communication. A self-evaluating questionnaire with open-ended questions evaluated participants’ technological pedagogical and content knowledge outcomes. CloudClassRoom significantly increases technology-related knowledge considering the current social distancing measures provoked by COVID-19. The findings show that DECODE with CloudClassRoom provides an integrated process for improving pre-service teachers’ technological pedagogical and content knowledge, assisting pre-service teachers in designing educational technology-integrated courses.

期刊Applied System Innovation
出版狀態已發佈 - 2022 4月

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