A model of junior high school students attitudes toward technology

Kuang Chao Yu, Kuen Yi Lin*, Feng Nien Han, I. Ying Hsu


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The purposes of this study were to develop and verify a model that contributes to our understanding of the attitudes toward technology held by students in junior high school, as well as to explore relationships among the factors in this model. We distributed questionnaires to research participants selected on the basis of stratified random sampling. A total of 1,437 questionnaires were distributed, and 1,330 valid questionnaires were collected, reflecting a valid return rate of 92%. Structural equation modeling was used to construct and verify a model of student attitudes toward technology. The results of the study included (1) a complete model of student attitudes toward technology and (2) identification of the main factors influencing the pursuit of careers in technology, identi-fication with technology, and experiences with technology-related curricula.

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期刊International Journal of Technology and Design Education
出版狀態已發佈 - 2012 11月

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