A longitudinal study of the effect of visuomotor learning on functional brain connectivity

Kuo Pin Wang, Chien Lin Yu, Cheng Shen, Thomas Schack, Tsung Min Hung*


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Neural adaptation in the frontoparietal and motor cortex–sensorimotor circuits is crucial for acquiring visuomotor skills. However, the specific nature of highly dynamic neural connectivity in these circuits during the acquisition of visuomotor skills remains unclear. To achieve a more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between acquisition of visuomotor skills and neural connectivity, we used electroencephalographic coherence to capture highly dynamic nature of neural connectivity. We recruited 60 male novices who were randomly assigned to either the experimental group (EG) or the control group (CG). Participants in EG were asked to engage in repeated putting practice, but CG did not engage in golf practice. In addition, we analyzed the connectivity by using 8–13 Hz imaginary inter-site phase coherence in the frontoparietal networks (Fz-P3 and Fz-P4) and the motor cortex–sensorimotor networks (Cz-C3 and Cz-C4) during a golf putting task. To gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic nature of learning trajectories, we compared data at three time points: baseline (T1), 50% improvement from baseline (T2), and 100% improvement from baseline (T3). The results primarily focused on EG, an inverted U-shaped coherence curve was observed in the connectivity of the left motor cortex–sensorimotor circuit, whereas an increase in the connectivity of the right frontoparietal circuit from T2 to T3 was revealed. These results imply that the dynamics of cortico-cortical communication, particularly involving the left motor cortex–sensorimotor and frontal-left parietal circuits. In addition, our findings partially support Hikosaka et al.'s model and provide additional insight into the specific role of these circuits in visuomotor learning.

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