A kinetic-dynamic model for regulatory RNA processing

Sher Singh, Hsiu Yi Ou Yang, Mei Ying Chen, Sung Liang Yu*


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A kinetic-dynamic model was proposed to simulate RNA processing by determining four essential reaction rates, including the rates of transcription, pre-mRNA turnover, pre-mRNA splicing, and mRNA decay. A family competition evolutionary algorithm (FCEA) was adapted herein to approximate these rates. Several artificial datasets were used to verify the correctness and robustness of the FCEA. The model was finally applied on time series data of yeast prp4-l mutant cells for determination of rates of RNA processing. Based on the FCEA, the model indicated that the pre-mRNA splicing was decreased in the mutant cells as well as the possible effects on transcription, pre-mRNA turnover, and mRNA decay, which was consistent with surveyed literature.

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期刊Journal of Biotechnology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2007 一月 10

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