A holistic look at RFID innovations: The patent approach

Yen Chun Jim Wu*


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This chapter aims to provide an overall technological picture of the current status of radio frequency identification (RFID) innovations. The RFID patents used in this study were granted between January 1, 1978, and December 31, 2005. A total of 3951 patents were obtained as the search result. The patent map analysis, a combination of various patent statistics indicators, was performed. The findings are consistent with the increasing RFID patent infringement lawsuits filed during the period of 2005. Key RFID technology players at the country and company levels were identified. In addition, hot RFID technology areas were discussed by employing IPC and UPC analysis. Based on real, up-to-date data, this study presents useful information about the character of RFID patenting activities and provides valuable insights into the current development of RFID technology.

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