A historical approach on the government-funded system for teacher preparation

Jia Li Huang*


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This study used Taiwan’s Teacher Education Act of 1994 as a cut-point for distinguishing normal education (fully funded) and teacher education (partially funded) government-funded systems, examining the design concept and limitation of government-funded systems. This study’s findings of a historical approach analysis are: (1) The objective of developing the government-funded systems is to prepare national teachers during normal education stage and strive for regional equity in the context of teacher education openness; the function of government-funded is to attract talents and promote social mobility. (2) The treatment, obligation, and compensation of government-funded of teacher education were little difference in time between normal education and teacher education with social change. (3) Limitations on the design of the government-funded system during normal education to current in diversity teacher education are the existence of government-funded system is questioned, the limitation to prepare perspective teachers’ professional knowledge and competence, and the limitation of attraction to talent. The goal of new institution to equalize the teacher quality between different regional is still be reviewed in the future. As a result, the paper offers some suggestions that focus on the limits of government-funded teacher education through perspectives after historical analysis to be as reference for revising relative institution.

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期刊Journal of Research in Education Sciences
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