A High Gain Modified Quadratic Boost DC-DC Converter with Voltage Stress Half of Output Voltage

Anindya Sundar Jana, Chang Hua Lin*, Tzu Hsien Kao, Chun Hsin Chang


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The application of the high gain boost DC-DC converter is gaining more attention due to an increasingly wide range of applications for sustainable green energy solutions, as well as other high voltage applications. In this study, a modified high gain quadratic boost converter is proposed using a single switch. The proposed topology is a member of the family of the non-isolated category with a common ground feature and can operate in a wide range of duty ratios, and is able to provide the required voltage gain. In this proposed circuit configuration, a dual voltage boost cell was formed by incorporating two capacitors in series with two inductors of a conventional quadratic boost converter. Additionally, a capacitor was integrated with a second voltage boost cell. This special configuration increases the voltage gain as well as reduces the voltage stress across the switch. To show its feasibility, a 200-W prototype setup with 48 V input and 400 V output was designed, and the required PWM signal was fed from the microcontroller unit. A detailed analysis of the design parameters and losses are formulated and are shown in this paper. The simulation was performed in SIMPLIS software, and the experimental results agreed with the obtained output voltage gain. The proposed topology showed a peak efficiency of 94.5% at 150-W output power after considering the power losses in all the components of the PCB.

期刊Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
出版狀態已發佈 - 2022 5月 1

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