A graph structure-based asset retrieval system

Jia Ling Koh, Chia Jung Chiang, Seng Chih Chu, Yi Chi Huang, Shao Chun Peng, Sz Han Wang, Te Yu Liu, Hui I. Hsiao, Chien Lin, Arbee L.P. Chen

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Retrieving assets for reuse is often a laborious, time-consuming, and difficult task because asset information cannot be effectively maintained. In this study, an asset searching technology was developed by using the graph structures and attributes. (1) The searching strategy based on graph structure primarily considers the structural relationships between assets to evaluate the similarity between asset graphs and the query. (2) The searching strategy based on attributes uses graph structures for fast retrievals, and performs string matching on the asset documents of the graph matching results to determine the degree of similarity between an asset solution and the query according to their content descriptions and attributes. To combine the matching results of both the structures and attributes, this study developed an overall similarity evaluation and ranking mechanism to search and identify the asset solutions that most similar to the query requirement. This study provides a comprehensive asset similarity evaluation method, which can improve the effectiveness of searching assets and usability of asset resources.

主出版物標題Intelligent Systems and Applications - Proceedings of the International Computer Symposium, ICS 2014
編輯William Cheng-Chung Chu, Stephen Jenn-Hwa Yang, Han-Chieh Chao
發行者IOS Press
出版狀態已發佈 - 2015 一月 1
事件International Computer Symposium, ICS 2014 - Taichung, 臺灣
持續時間: 2014 十二月 122014 十二月 14


名字Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications


其他International Computer Symposium, ICS 2014

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Koh, J. L., Chiang, C. J., Chu, S. C., Huang, Y. C., Peng, S. C., Wang, S. H., Liu, T. Y., Hsiao, H. I., Lin, C., & Chen, A. L. P. (2015). A graph structure-based asset retrieval system. 於 W. C-C. Chu, S. J-H. Yang, & H-C. Chao (編輯), Intelligent Systems and Applications - Proceedings of the International Computer Symposium, ICS 2014 (頁 511-520). (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications; 卷 274). IOS Press. https://doi.org/10.3233/978-1-61499-484-8-511