A framework for examining teachers’ practical knowledge for STEM teaching

Kennedy Kam Ho Chan*, Yi Fen Yeh, Ying Shao Hsu


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What a teacher needs to know and do when teaching specific disciplines effectively has attracted scholarly attention for many decades. The knowledge requisite for effective STEM teaching has gained attention as a result of the recent STEM education movement around the world. Furthermore, it is assumed teaching STEM demands that teachers teach in a completely different way. This chapter discusses these issues and proposes a theoretical framework for examining and analyzing teachers’ practical knowledge for STEM teaching. We draw on and synthesized literature on STEM education and teacher knowledge to identify facets of and a framework for teacher knowledge needed for effective STEM teaching. We also describe the design of an interview protocol that allows empirical studies of the knowledge facets delineated in the framework.

主出版物標題Asia-Pacific STEM Teaching Practices
主出版物子標題From Theoretical Frameworks to Practices
發行者Springer Singapore
出版狀態已發佈 - 2019 1月 1

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