A few design perspectives on one-on-one digital classroom environment

J. K. Liang*, T. C. Liu, H. Y. Wang, B. Chang, Y. C. Deng, J. C. Yang, C. Y. Chou, H. W. Ko, S. Yang, T. W. Chan


研究成果: 雜誌貢獻期刊論文同行評審

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1:1 educational computing refers to a scenario where every student in a group or class uses a computing device equipped with wireless communication capability to conduct a learning task. This paper, drawing from design experiences with our digital classroom environment series and other studies, attempts to describe a few valuable 1:1 design perspectives for educational computing inside the classroom. We try to describe the major components of the 1:1 digital classroom environment and classify the most important component, student devices, according to a set of features. Furthermore, based on the notion of computing affordance, a set of communication affordances are described. This set underpins three basic educational activities, namely: teacher-directed instruction, small group learning and individual learning. Finally, scenarios are exemplified for a few typical educational computing devices. This study concludes with a discussion of short- and long-term research possibilities.

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期刊Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
出版狀態已發佈 - 2005 6月

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