A comprehensive study of inversion current in MOS tunneling diodes

C. H. Lin, B. C. Hsu, M. H. Lee, C. W. Liu*


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The gate current of MOS tunneling diodes biased at inversion region with different substrate doping is investigated. For p-type substrate (1-5 Ω-cm) devices, the tunneling diode works in the deep depletion region and the inversion current is dominated by the thermal generation rate of minority electrons via traps at Si/SiO 2 interface and in the deep depletion region. The activation energy is approximately equal to half of the silicon bandgap independent of gate voltage. For devices on p + substrate (0.01-0.05 Ω-cm), the band-to-traps tunneling and band-to-band tunneling are the dominating current components at inversion bias, and reveal a strong field dependence and a weak temperature dependence. The band-to-traps and band-to-band current components are even more significant in the devices on the p ++ substrate (0.001-0.0025 Ω-cm). Finally, the effects of temperature and light illumination on inversion current of MOS tunneling diodes will be also discussed.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices
出版狀態已發佈 - 2001 9月

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