A collaborative learning lesson from using effective information technology combinations

Yen Chun Jim Wu, Tse Ping Dong*, Chan Lan Chang, Ya Chun Liao


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The purpose of this study is to measure the impact of the effectiveness of the use of IT system combinations on logistics firms’ performances. This study used market basket analysis to identify the information technology packages used by logistics firms. A total of 181 major international logistics service providers are used as the samples of this study. The research findings provide strong empirical evidence that leading logistics firms running the most frequently used combinations of IT systems clearly outperformed those forgoing these combinations and their use of information technology is rated much better than others. This study is the first to use market basket analysis to examine the impact of the IT combinations logistics companies are using on firm performance. It identifies the information technology packages most frequently used by major international logistics firms, and then analyzes the impact these combinations have on the organizational performances of the companies. Also, the effects of collaborative learning can be gained if effective information technology combinations can be implemented.

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期刊Computers in Human Behavior
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出版狀態已發佈 - 2015

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