A cefr-based computerized adaptive testing system for Chinese proficiency

Hsuan Po Wang*, Bor Chen Kuo, Ya Hsun Tsai, Chen Huei Liao


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In the era of globalization, the trend towards learning Chinese as a foreign language (CFL) has become increasingly popular worldwide. The increasing demand in learning CFL has raised the profile of the Chinese proficiency test (CPT). This study will analyze in depth the inadequacy of current CPT's utilizing the common European framework of reference (CEFR) for language learning, teaching, and assessment to develop a set of reliability and validity standards for a computerized adaptive testing (CAT) CPT system. Actual performance of computerized tests will simulate the empirical data via the CAT system process and assess the efficacy of this system.

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期刊Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2012

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