60-GHz 5-bit phase shifter with integrated VGA phase-error compensation

Wei Tsung Li*, Yun Chieh Chiang, Jeng Han Tsai, Hong Yuan Yang, Jen Hao Cheng, Tian Wei Huang


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A 57-64-GHz low phase-error 5-bit switch-type phase shifter integrated with a low phase-variation variable gain amplifier (VGA) is implemented through TSMC 90-nm CMOS low-power technology. Using the phase compensation technique, the proposed VGA can provide appropriate gain tuning with almost constant phase characteristics, thus greatly reducing the phase-tuning complexity in a phased-array system. The measured root mean square (rms) phase error of the 5-bit phase shifter is 2° at 62 GHz. The phase shifter has a low group-delay deviation (phase distortion) of +/-8.5 ps and an excellent insertion loss flatness of pm0.8 dB for a specific phase-shifting state, across 57-64 GHz. For all 32 states, the insertion loss is 14.6 $\pm$ 3 dB, including pad loss at 60 GHz. For the integrated phase shifter and VGA, the VGA can provide 6.2-dB gain tuning range, which is wide enough to cover the loss variation of the phase shifter, with only 1.86° phase variation. The measured rms phase error of the 5-bit phase shifter and VGA is 3.8° at 63 GHz. The insertion loss of all 32 states is 5.4 dB, including pad loss at 60 GHz, and the loss flatness is pm0.8 dB over 57-64 GHz. To the best of our knowledge, the 5-bit phase shifter presents the best rms phase error at center frequency among the V-band switch-type phase shifter.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
出版狀態已發佈 - 2013

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