MOESM1 of Transcriptomic response in Acropora muricata under acute temperature stress follows preconditioned seasonal temperature fluctuations

  • Shashank Keshavmurthy (Contributor)
  • Wen-Hua Chou (Contributor)
  • Sonny T. M. Lee (Contributor)
  • Silvia Fontana (Contributor)
  • Chaolun Allen Chen (Contributor)
  • Mezaki Takuma (Contributor)



Additional file 1: Figure S1. Location and variation of seawater temperature (SST) at the site in Kochi where the Acropora muricata samples were collected. The maps were drawn using the software Magic Maps Ver. 1.4.3 and Adobe Illustrator CS5 (Macintosh version) ( ). Permission was obtained for usage of map.
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