Generation of vector vortex beams by axially-symmetric sheared polymer network liquid crystals

  • Ting-Hua Lu (Creator)
  • Yu Jen Wang (Creator)
  • Yu Fang Chen (Creator)
  • Yi Hsin Lin (Creator)



Liquid crystals have been widely used in optoelectronic devices because of their fast response and excellent electro-optic properties. Featuring unique ability to manipulate light, they are also proposed as a good candidate in topological photonics for further applications. In this study, an axially-symmetric sheared polymer network liquid crystals (ASPNLC) was fabricated to demonstrate vector vortex beams. Linearly and circularly polarized light are utilized to illuminate the sample, and the output vector vortex beams generated from the ASPNLC indicate that the polarization states of the output beams are dependent on the polarization of incident light. The measured phenomena were modeled on the basis of phase retardation and Jones calculus to eventually calculate the polarization-resolved intensity profiles accordingly. Hence, our experimental study provides a holistic understanding of the method for generating vector vortex beams by ASPNLC, which is expected to enhance the knowledge of optical mechanisms for liquid crystal applications.
發行者Optica Publishing Group