FIGURES 1–6. Catapaecilma major moltrechti. 1 in Immature biology and morphology of an obligate myrmecophilous butterfly Catapaecilma major moltrechti (Wileman) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) from Taiwan

  • Yu-Feng Hsu (Contributor)
  • Hang Chi Huang (Contributor)
  • Chia Lung Huang (Contributor)



FIGURES 1–6. Catapaecilma major moltrechti. 1, Dorsal view of male (TAIWAN: PINGDONG: Sandimen, 200m, 17. I. 2011, reared from Saissetia oleae ex Crematogester rogenhoferi shelters on Macaranga tanarius, emgd. 4. II. 2011, Coll. Y. F. Hsu, HSU 11A9); 2, Ventral view of male (same data as Fig. 1); 3, Dorsal view of dry season form (DSF) female (TAIWAN: PINGDONG, Sandimen, 300m, 20. II. 2009, reared from S. oleae ex Cr. rogenhoferi shelters on M.tanarius, emgd, 16. III. 2009, Coll. Y. F. Hsu, HSU 09B31) 4, Ventral view of DSF female (same data as Fig. 3); 5, Dorsal view of wet season form (WSF) female (TAIWAN: TAIDONG, Lanyu, Sidaugou, 50m, 4. III. 2009, reared from Coccus hesperidum ex Cr. roegenhoferi shelter on Mallotus japonicus, emgd. 15. IV. 2009, Coll. C. L. Huang, HSU 09C45); 6, Ventral view of WST female (same data as Fig. 5). Scale bars = 1 cm.
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