Figure 3 in Asymmetric acoustic signal recognition led to asymmetric gene flow between two parapatric frogs

  • Yu Wei Hsiao (Contributor)
  • Hui Yun Tseng (Contributor)
  • Hung N. Nguyen (Contributor)
  • Si-Min Lin (Contributor)



Figure 3. Acoustic response of Buergeria choui (blue) and B. otai (orange) against conspecific and heterospecific calls. Both species showed highest response against the calls from their own kind. However, the eastern and western populations of B. otai represent behavioral difference. The western population shows the strongest response to the 'chicken trills' (Type 2), which was unique for this species; whereas the eastern population response strongest to Type 1b, which is a shared 'cricket trills' similar to Type 1a produced by B. choui.