FIGURE 2 in Revision of Pazala Moore, 1888: The Graphium (Pazala) alebion and G. (P.) tamerlanus Groups, with Notes on Taxonomic and Distribution Confusions (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)

  • Hui Hong Zhang (Contributor)
  • Adam M. Cotton (Contributor)
  • Fabien L. Condamine (Contributor)
  • Rong Jiang Wang (Contributor)
  • Yu-Feng Hsu (Contributor)
  • Kuang Duan (Contributor)
  • Xin Zhang (Contributor)
  • Shao Ji Hu (Contributor)



FIGURE 2. Bayesian molecular dating for species and subspecies in the Graphium (Pazala) alebion and G. (P.) tamerlanus groups found in this study. Values at nodes indicate the median divergence times, purple bars show 95% CI. Pleisto.= Pleistocene, Plio.=Pliocene.
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