Additional file 6: Figure S3. of Ice age unfrozen: severe effect of the last interglacial, not glacial, climate change on East Asian avifauna

  • Xin Lei Li (Contributor)
  • Feng Dong (Contributor)
  • Qiang Zhang (Contributor)
  • Fei Wu (Contributor)
  • Fumin Lei (Contributor)
  • Shou-Hsien Li (Contributor)
  • Jian Yun Gao (Contributor)
  • Xiaojun Yang (Contributor)
  • Chih Ming Hung (Contributor)



Relations between climatic indices (y axis) and latitudes (x axis) at LIG. The temperature data are in centigrade, precipitation is in millimeters and the latitudes are in degrees. The results show that annual temperature variations increased while winter precipitation and temperature decreased toward the north at the LIG. (PDF 1576Â kb)
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