Additional file 2 of Workplace neighbourhood built environment and workers’ physically-active and sedentary behaviour: a systematic review of observational studies

  • Chien Yu Lin (Contributor)
  • Yung Liao (Contributor)
  • Koichiro Oka (Contributor)
  • Kaori Ishii (Contributor)
  • Ai Shibata (Contributor)
  • Tomoki Nakaya (Contributor)
  • Nyssa Hadgraft (Contributor)
  • Neville Owen (Contributor)
  • Gavin R. McCormack (Contributor)
  • Mohammad Javad Koohsari (Contributor)



Additional file 2: Supplementary Material 2. Quality Assessment Tool for Observational Cohort and Cross-Sectional Studies.
可用日期2020 1月 1
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