What kinds of knowledge do teachers share on blogs? A quantitative content analysis of teachers' knowledge sharing on blogs

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The issues mentioned by conducting a quantitative content analysis of 495 teachers from primary and secondary schools in Taiwan, to analyze the knowledge dimension and content of teachers' blog interactions, are presented. The coding scheme for the knowledge dimension was based on the knowledge dimensions in the revision of Bloom's Taxonomy, with some minor adjustments. The results show that the teachers did not use the blog solely for professional development and that community's climate is correlated with knowledge sharing. About 3-4% of the teachers used the blog to share information and opinions regarding workshops or current education policies, while the proportions of the rest of the categories of knowledge content were quite low. For system development, it is suggested that an automatic interaction analysis module be developed and embedded in the existing blog to reveal and detect the current behavioral/content patterns and limitations in teacher sharing.

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JournalBritish Journal of Educational Technology
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Publication statusPublished - 2010 Nov 1


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