The relationship of learning culture, learning method, and organizational performance in the university and college libraries in Taiwan

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Over the past few decades, organizational learning has become a significant concept for the development of organizations. Numerous scholars and experts in librarianship have advocated the importance of creating a learning library for handling various challenges, such as the rapid development of the Internet and digital technology. However, an effective learning organization relies on a positive learning culture and starts with an individual's commitment to learn. This study investigated the learning methods that are commonly adopted by staff in Taiwan's university and college libraries, measuring their values regarding the organizational learning culture and knowledge performance, and exploring the relationships among individual learning methods, organizational learning culture, and knowledge performance in these libraries. Based on the Dimensions of the Learning Organization Questionnaire (DLOQ) and previous studies, this study designed and conducted a questionnaire survey of 478 library employees in 162 universities and colleges across Taiwan. Some key findings of this study included: (1) the individual learning method of "self-learning by using Internet resources" is adopted most frequently by library staff in Taiwan's universities and colleges; (2) the overall values of staff members regarding their organizational learning cultures are not strong; (3) the two dimensions "creating continuous learning opportunities" and "creating systems to capture and share learning" can influence the methods of library staffs' learning formally and informally, and they can positively contribute to enhance the knowledge performance of the library. In addition, informal learning methods are likely to enhance organizational knowledge performance.

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