The first-order Raman spectra of OsO2

P. C. Yen, R. S. Chen, Y. S. Huang, C. T. Chia, R. H. Chen, K. K. Tiong

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The first-order Raman spectra of the transition metal dioxide OsO2 with tetragonal rutile structure have been measured at room temperature. A linearly polarized argon laser light source and completely oriented single-crystal samples have made possible unambiguous determination of the four allowed Raman-active phonon modes. Comparison is made with results for other rutile materials.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1487-1494
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of Physics Condensed Matter
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2003 Mar 12

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    Yen, P. C., Chen, R. S., Huang, Y. S., Chia, C. T., Chen, R. H., & Tiong, K. K. (2003). The first-order Raman spectra of OsO2. Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 15(9), 1487-1494.