The educational enterprise of the first american missionary e. J. bridgman and his introduction of american educational system in the Nineteenth Century China

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The aim of this article is to explore Rev. E. J. Bridgman and his influence of introducing American educational system in the nineteenth century China, who was the first American protestant missionary to China in 1830. This study used historical method and primary sources. During his thirty-one year’s service in China, not only he preached the gospel directly, but also translated Scriptures, published an influential book, A Brief Account of the United Provinces of American, and journal to introduce USA and her educational system. Besides, he established a few primary schools at Canton, Macao, Hong Kong and Shanghai for poor children for evangelism and training native assistants. He also initiated a strategy “education as means to evangelism”, which was not recognized by the American Board in the beginning until the resolution made by The Shanghai Missionary Conference 1877. As the pioneer and founder for the missionary enterprise and the establishment of its mission school system of American Board later, and introducing American educational system, their Mr. Bridgman’s educational efforts should not be forgotten.

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  • American education system
  • E.C.Bridgman
  • Educational transfer
  • Mission schools

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