Sexual violence victimization and condom use in relation to exchange of sexual services by female methamphetamine prisoners: An exploratory study of HIV prevention

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Objectives: In Taiwan, the street term "sugar girl" refers to an individual who performs a sex act in exchange for drugs or money. This study aimed to determine factors associated with exchange of sexual services by female methamphetamine offenders in Taiwan. Methods: Given the personal nature of the collected data, eligible participants were asked to indicate their willingness to participate by signing consent forms. Surveys were conducted on 270 literate female prisoners aged over 18 with a history of methamphetamine offense. Results: Of the 270 participants, 86 (32%) had previously exchanged sex for drugs or money. Only 15% had used a condom during their last sexual intercourse. The results showed that women who exchanged sex were more likely to be older, have used illicit substances at an earlier age, have multiple partners, and have been raped. Conclusions: The findings provide evidence that exchanging sex and sexual violence were common, and condom use rates are low enough to encourage transmission of HIV and other STDs. Intervention programs need to not only promote condom use but also need to provide counseling to victims of rape.

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JournalTaiwan Journal of Public Health
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Publication statusPublished - 2006 Jun 1



  • Condom
  • Female Drug Users
  • HIV Prevention
  • Sugar Girl
  • Victims of Rape

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