Reactivities of the chalcogen-capped triiron clusters [EFe3 (CO)9]2- (E = Te, Se, S): Cluster growth and transformations

Minghuey Shieh, Chia Hua Ho

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Transition-metal carbonyl clusters incorporated with chalcogen elements are of particular interests due to their structural and chemical diversity. Up to now, quite a large number of chalcogen-containing iron carbonyl clusters have been synthesized and structurally characterized. In this short review, we will describe our recent developments on the interesting cluster expansions and transformations of the chalcogen-capped triiron clusters [EFe3(CO)9] 2- (E = Te, 1; Se, 2; S, 3) toward a series of organic and inorganic electrophiles. The effects of chalcogen atoms and the incoming electrophiles on the formation of the resultant clusters are also compared and discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1838-1849
Number of pages12
JournalComptes Rendus Chimie
Issue number11-12
Publication statusPublished - 2005 Jan 1



  • Carbonyl
  • Chalcogen
  • Cluster
  • Iron
  • Transition metal

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