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Purpose Higher education institutions are integral to a country’s development, but the job scopes of the leaders of many higher education institutions fall outside their domain of expertise. The training that universities provide to academic leaders often fall short and focus on administrative matters rather than leadership skills. Thus, this study developed and implemented an academic leadership program that is suited to the Taiwanese context. Design/methodology/approach This study implemented a questionnaire, held a ProAction Café, inquired into the needs of academic leaders and stakeholders, and drew on the experience of senior academic leaders and the academic leadership training model used at University of British Columbia. This was done to ensure that the program that we developed was appropriate to the university we implemented it in. Findings/results The program covered the roles and responsibilities of academic leaders; support for teaching and research staff; techniques for implementing team building and conducting effective meetings; the process of securing funding; and the development plans of the university. Several novel tools and methods were used, such as situational films, case studies, and role-playing. Originality/value Although many universities outside Taiwan have academic leadership programs, information regarding their development is often not available to the public. This study thus conducted empirical research to ensure that the program we developed is suited to a Taiwanese context, and it is the first to do so. The findings can serve as a basis for the development of similar programs in Taiwanese universities. Implications for policy/practice We find that academic leadership programs must be formulated with reference to the organizational context and that these programs require support from all levels of the university. Dedicated planning teams should also be created to coordinate the development and execution of these programs.

Translated title of the contribution建構新任系所主管領導發展方案
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JournalContemporary Educational Research Quarterly
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Publication statusPublished - 2022


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