Morphometric analyses reveal synonymy of two monotypic genera, huangiella and tumoris (acari, eriophyoidea, eriophyidae)

Chin Fah Wang, Chi Chien Kuo, Ming Luen Jeng, Kun Wei Huang

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Morphological variation of Huangiella lanyuensis (Huang, 2001) and Tumoris sanasaii Huang, 2001 from Taiwan was analyzed using multivariate statistical methods. We show that these species are the same and propose to use the name Tumoris sanasaii. No significant differences between populations from Lanyu and Green Island (type localities for H. lanyuensis and T. sanasaii, respectively) were found; however, mites from Yangmingshan (northern Taiwan) differed substantially from these two groups. Synonymy resulted from our study is as follows: Huangiella Kammerer, 2006 is a junior synonym of Tumoris Huang, 2001; Absentia lanyuensis Huang, 2001 is a junior synonym of Tumoris sanasaii Huang, 2001. We also study the sexual variation of populations from Green Island. The result showed the females significantly larger than the males at 17 variables.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2011 Jul 11



  • Eriophyid mites
  • Green Island
  • Lanyu
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Tumoris sanasaii
  • Valid name

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