Let us read together: Development and evaluation of a computer-assisted reciprocal early English reading system

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This study attempts to implement a cooperative reading environment for EFL early reading using a mobile-device-supported computer-assisted reciprocal early English reading (CAREER) system, and to evaluate its effect on the early reading skills and learning behaviors of elementary EFL learners. The design rationale of CAREER is based on the three essential components of effective reading instructions: balanced reading structure, immediate and specific feedback, and reciprocal learning scenario. Analytical results indicate that the CAREER system reduces the problems experienced by students in a conventional cooperative learning environment and effectively helps elementary EFL learners orchestrate their learning while completing individual reading tasks and pursuing group goals. The results also demonstrate that CAREER appears to be able to benefit elementary EFL learners in developing reading skills. In sum, with the support of CAREER, the early reading skills of elementary students are benefited by cooperating with each other.

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JournalComputers and Education
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