Learning achievements and self-directed learning aptitudes of competency-based web learning: Effects of self-directed learning aptitudes on learning achievements

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This study aims to develop and evaluate competency-based web learning material (CBWLM). The study investigates students' learning effect and measures SDLA before, during and after implementing CBWL for eight weeks to probe the effects of CBWL on SDLA, and discuss variation and changes of SDLAs in the three different stages for CBWL among the students. The sample of this study consists of 38 students from "Microprosessor Laboratory", a sophomore course at a college. The study results reveal that CBWL does not have significant influence on the students' overall SDLA, but enhances their "Fondness for Learning" factor in SDLA. Moveover, SDLAs of the mid-CBWL and post-CBWL do not influence learning effects. Recommendations proposed by the study: Developing more units of CBWLM and extending the duration of CBWL; Post-test of SDLA.is implemented on the current day or several days before CBWL is finished.

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  • CBL
  • Competency-based learning
  • Learning aptitudes
  • Self-directed
  • Self-directed learning
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