L-subshell ionization cross sections for tungsten at low electron energies

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The L-subshell ionization cross sections for tungsten have been measured for incident electron beams of low energies. The electron energy was in the range of 1<EIL4. The values of the three L-subshell cross sections L1, L2, and L3 were deduced from the thick-target yields of L23, L1, and L1 x rays of tungsten. A differential method was employed in the deduction procedures. The x-ray spectra were obtained by an improved version of a single-crystal, high-angle goniometer. The shape of the energy dependence of the measured cross sections deviates from the predictions given by McGuire's scaling result as well as Gryzinski's classical scaling result.

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JournalPhysical Review A
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Publication statusPublished - 1979 Jan 1


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