Existence of traveling waves in a simple isothermal chemical system with the same order for autocatalysis and decay

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The reaction-diffusion systems which are based on an isothermal autocatalytic chemical reaction involving both an autocatalytic step of the (m + 1)th order (A + mB → (m+1)B) and a decay step of the same order (B → C) have very rich and interesting dynamics. Previous studies in the literature indicate that traveling waves play a key role in understanding these interesting dynamical phenomena. However, there is a lack of rigorous proof of the existence of traveling waves to this system. Here we generalize this isothermal autocatalytic chemical reaction model and provide a rigorous proof of the existence of traveling waves for the resulting reaction-diffusion system which also includes the systems arising from epidemiology and the microbial growth in a flow reactor.

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JournalQuarterly of Applied Mathematics
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Publication statusPublished - 2011 Mar 18



  • Centre manifold
  • Isothermal autocatalytic chemical reaction
  • Reaction-diffusion systems
  • Traveling waves

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