Engaging pre-service science teachers to act as active designers of technology integration: A MAGDAIRE framework

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This paper describes our efforts in developing the MAGDAIRE framework (abbreviated from Modeled Analysis, Guided Development, Articulated Implementation, and Reflected Evaluation) to transform pre-service science teachers' roles in a teacher education course: moving pre-service teachers from the roles of passive users of technology, as they themselves learn technology integration, into active designers of technology. The results suggested that MAGDAIRE significantly improved the pre-service teachers' technology competency levels. Moreover, MAGDAIRE facilitated the pre-service teachers' critical reexamination of the affordances of technology for their teaching practices from the views of subject matter selection, motivation empowerment, information presentation, activity design, and pedagogy transition.

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JournalTeaching and Teacher Education
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Publication statusPublished - 2012 May 1



  • Instructional design
  • Teacher education
  • Teacher preparation
  • Technology integration

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