Enantioselective addition of organozinc reagents to carbonyl compounds catalyzed by a camphor derived chiral γ-amino thiol ligand

Hsyueh Liang Wu, Ping Yu Wu, Ying Ni Cheng, Biing Jiun Uang

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In this article, the design and synthesis of the chiral camphor derived γ-amino thiol ligand 17 and its application in catalytic enantioselective carbon-carbon forming reactions through the addition of organozinc reagents to carbonyl compounds is described. The catalytic activity and enantioselectivity of ligand 17 is demonstrated in the enantioselective addition of various organozinc reagents to aldehydes and ketoesters, offering the corresponding alcohols in high yields and enantioselectivities. The role of the mercapto group in the highly enantioselective 1,2-addition reaction of organozincs to aldehyde is also discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2656-2665
Number of pages10
Issue number21
Publication statusPublished - 2016 May 26



  • Catalytic asymmetric 1,2-addition reaction
  • Chiral alcohols
  • Chiral amino thiol ligand
  • Organozinc reagents

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  • Organic Chemistry

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