Could a laptop computer plus the liquid crystal display projector amount to improved multimedia geoscience instruction?

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In this study, a multimedia computer-aided tutorial (MCAT) on the topic of debris-flow hazards was developed for senior high-school students in Taiwan. The format of the new course is a blend of whole-class presentations, interactive discussions among the teacher and students, and classroom activities using the MCAT software. The whole-class presentation was presented using both a laptop computer and a high-resolution liquid crystal display projector to display the MCAT contents on a large white screen in front of a whole class. Besides, class discussions between the teacher and the students and among students were also embedded in the teaching format. Students' earth science learning outcomes were evaluated by administering an achievement test and a survey of attitudes towards the earth science subject before and after the course. The results indicated that MCAT accompanied by the current 'interactive whole-class teaching' form could significantly help the students' grasp of earth science concepts and greatly improve their attitudes towards earth science.

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JournalJournal of Computer Assisted Learning
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