Copper(II) complexes with neutral Schiff bases: Syntheses, crystal structures and DNA interactions

Abhijit Pal, Bhaskar Biswas, Sunil Kanti Mondal, Chia Her Lin, Rajarshi Ghosh*

*Corresponding author for this work

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The synthesis and X-ray structural characterisation of a new Cu(II) complex, [Cu(L1)Cl](ClO4)·CH3OH (1) [L1 = N,N′-bis((pyridine-2-yl)phenylidene)-1,3-diaminopropan-2- ol], has been described in this work. The structural study reveals that the Cu(II) centre in 1 has a square pyramidal geometry with a trigonality index τ = 0.43, being coordinated by the organic ligand and a chloro group. The interaction of complex 1 and another complex previously reported by our group, [Cu(L2)](ClO4)2 (2) [L2 = N-(1-pyridin-2-yl-phenylidene)-N′-[2-({2-[(1-pyridin-2-ylphenylidene) amino]ethyl}amino)ethyl]ethane-1,2diamine], with calf thymus DNA (CT-DNA) has been investigated using absorption and emission spectral studies. The binding constant (Kb) and the linear Stern-Volmer quenching constant (K sv) have been determined.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)671-675
Number of pages5
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2012 Jan 4
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  • Copper(II)
  • DNA interactions
  • Fluorimetry
  • Schiff bases
  • Spectrophotometry

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  • Inorganic Chemistry
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