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In recent years, semiconductors have moved along with constant speed of exponential down-scaling for the new technology generations. With the development of microelectronics, the small form factor, high performance and low cost of electronic products have become basic requirements for surviving in the market. This study proposes a single-step method to improve the electrical characteristics of thin-film IC wafer, in which UV-wavelength (λ=355 nm) nanosecond pulse laser can be used in this process. Based on the well-controlled the process parameters of laser, the feasibility of Al-electrode layer removal on multilayer stacks for enhancing efficiency were investigated. The experimental results demonstrated that the decrease of electrical resistance value can reveal to be 20 kΩ after laser ablation at 10.75 J/cm2, verifying the success of reducing resistance for enhancing electrical characteristics of IC device. It is concluded that the laser approach and test platform technology can be established to the IC repair, resulting in the improvement of IC, even 3D IC manufacturing for the semiconductor and industrial performance.
Effective start/end date2019/06/012020/08/31


  • UV pulse laser fabrication
  • IC repair
  • Electrical Measurement
  • Multilayer stacks
  • IC device


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