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This project cooperates with CARWIN Technology Company(the distributor of the zSpace in Taiwan), zSpace, Inc. to develop the virtual reality technology and solve the problems of VR in the education industry. In the second year, we will continue completing the achievements of the first year: The zSpace teaching materials and teaching models will be extended to K-12 schools at home and abroad, and the zSpace teaching and curriculum certification center will be established to develop the faculty cultivation curriculum for virtual reality technology and the continuous development-related the whole curriculum. Up to now, more than 800 people have participated in the promotion of teaching plans at home and abroad.Teachers who have accepted zSpace teaching certification also have more than 200 person-times.In the future, we will continue to provide education training, teaching certification and other services for the zSpace total curriculum.
Effective start/end date2018/06/012019/08/31


  • zSpace
  • Virtual reality
  • Teacher Training
  • Capstone course
  • STEM


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