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The year of 2016 was called the “First year of virtual reality (VR)” by the industry. VR applications and developments are an important trend of the industry. In the state of art, VR are mostly used for medical, industrial and commercial training, serious games, rehabilitation and other professional fields. The number of VR applications for educating and training is few. As for the education policy of Taiwan, VR technology is hoped for helping students to learn the key competencies. This project cooperates with CARWIN Technology Company, the distributor of the zSpace in Taiwan, to develop the virtual reality technology and solve the problems of VR in the education industry. The project uses zSpace virtual reality system to develop the related teaching materials and application modes, and promotes the research results to K-12 school.
Effective start/end date2017/06/012018/05/31


  • virtual reality
  • STEM project-based learning
  • industry-university
  • zSpace


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